Attributes of Successful Law Firm Google PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click or PPC allows your firm to run targeted ads on Google where you are charged only when people click on one of your advertised links. This is a very effective, and cost-effective advertising format if your campaign is set up and optimised properly. Here are contributing factors to successful Google PPC campaigns.

Planning your law firm’s PPC campaign

Set a clear goal for each campaign - being specific about what you want to achieve provides better strategic direction, budget planning and outcomes. We can effectively target search phrases / topics, create landing pages, and optimise the campaign to meet a set goal for leads.

Your firm’s web site and content must be optimised to support your PPC campaign. Landing pages, conversion processes and streamlined User Experience (UX) all contribute to better Google ad rank, which in turn increases visibility and prominence for greater results.

Include as many less competitive areas  as possible. While it’s likely that your campaign will need to cover some very competitive areas as per your firm’s practice, combing niche, targeted segmentation will drive better results more cost effectively.

Implement complete metrics and measurement as an essential part of the set up phase. There are several key tools that should be implemented and integrated to give you a complete picture of reach, conversion, costs and overall ROI. Without this your campaigns won’t have proper direction. 

Managing your law firm's PPC campaign

Google Adwords offers a number of engaging forms across Search, Partner and Display Networks. Ideally your campaign should comprise several different ads and / or formats.

Start with small test campaigns, then build out your broader optimised campaigns based on results and metrics from the tests. It’s well worth the time and patience - in the long term this approach is better fro budget and outcomes.

If it’s not working

Poor campaign performance can be attributed to these primary factors:

  • Weak ads that haven’t implemented engagement tactics.
  • Unsuitable keywords / search phrases.
  • The campaign structure isn’t set up properly.
  • Your bid price is not competitive, nor is it optimised based on historical data.
  • Your web site landing pages do not support your campaign for conversion and enhanced UX.
  • You don’t have a solid strategy informing your campaigns.

PPC should be an integral part of your law firm's marketing mix, and when properly integrated and implemented offers one of the most cost effective advertising formats across practice areas. Get in touch for advice on cost effective lead generation utilising paid search marketing.