How to use Great Content for Better SEO

SEO is an ongoing process that needs constant work to maintain, and even more so to improve. Here are a few key elements that will help you make the most of your efforts. 


There’s no shortcut here - original, quality content that offers visitors real value gets attention. Create content that people care about, that provides information, evokes emotion, or demands reaction.

Visual appeal is important, by using images to break up the page, it’s easier to read and offers additional SEO benefit through ALT tags and keyword-rich image descriptions. Also key to both is cross-promoting your content - for example link to previous pieces you’ve published in each of your blog posts, with additional links showing people where they can read similar or complimentary content on your site.


The right keywords are critical to SEO success. Take the time to properly research what keywords are fit for your brand, use essential tools, analytics and data to improve keywords performance, and consistently optimise your keywords and content to drive results.

Integrate your campaigns. For both brand- and campaign-specific groups of keywords, make sure you use, and reference, these throughout your web site’s architecture and content.


Brilliant pieces of content are not worth much without promotion. Sharing your content impacts SEO through brand awareness and multi-channel publishing, extending its shelf life beyond just your own site. Key to success is understanding where your audiences are, their preferred platforms, and when and how they respond best to your brand communication.

There’s much that can be done ‘naturally’, i.e. broadening your reach on owned and earned channels. In addition, your SEO & content strategy should incorporate some paid media, an effective, and cost-effective way to boost your campaigns.

In summary, great SEO results are gained by publishing quality content, using keywords effectively and efficiently, and strategically sharing branded content. There are many other aspects of SEO essential to success, but these few points highlight the basis from which to build competent campaigns.