Social Media Best Practice for Better Business

Designers and developers are master contributers to a successful content strategy, but it’s also crucial to have a clear picture on how to effectively use your social channels.

Know your Audience

It’s really important to know, and understand, the audience on each of your social channels to ensure you’re optimising channels relevant to your business. You really don’t need to be on every social channel just because it's out there, and may be working for other brands. Select a few channels that are proven to work for your firm, understand how and when your ideal audience engage on these channels, and focus on using these effectively. Research and analytics will help direct your channel strategy - it’s essential to plan properly before kicking off your social media campaigns.

Brand Authorative

When posting and publishing on social media channels, be authentic and authoritative. Consistency and quality are key, but these attributes won’t carry much weight if your content isn’t well planned and strategically aligned to your business goals while delivering value to your audience. Don’t post things because you think you have to or because you haven’t posted in a while. Your content serves several purposes - make it work!

Succinct Success

Less is definitely more here, don’t waft! Keep posts to the point for better impact. Even when you’re promoting more lengthy articles on your blog or site, create compelling snippets to share on social and direct interested readers to read more. This way you’re maximising reach and impact, and also driving traffic to an owned channel to encourage brand engagement.

Engage & Interact

When someone takes the time to give feedback, take the time to interact with them. This isn’t just about courtesy - it's also opportunity to keep your brand visible and relevant. 

Team onBoard

There’s likely an impressive collective of knowledge and subject matter expertise within the various practice areas or business units within your company.  Encourage and empower people to interact on your social channels - with the right brand culture, and approach, you’ll be creating brilliant brand ambassadors within your company.  Invaluable!

That sums up our best practices for making social media work for your business. Certainly your overarching vision for your company directs what works and what doesn’t, but use these pillars as a foundation for better commercial results.