How PR and Content Marketing should Work Together

Public relations and content marketing teams should work collaboratively and cohesively towards common goals and outcomes.

PRs and content marketers can share insights, trends and content ideas based on their areas of expertise and experience gained in their respective disciplines. The resulting content created for blogs, social channels, email campaigns, white papers and reports will have a lot more traction than what each team is able to achieve working in silos. 

Cross-Channel marketing will thrive as content is re-purposed across owned, earned and paid media. The broader business strategy will also be better supported through unified effort, sharing intelligence and resources for better results across the board.

Using PR contacts to find opportunities for guest blogging or collaborations with influencers is a great support to your content marketing strategy, helping to build quality inbound links, improve your site’s SEO and drive targeted traffic to your website. 

With the huge volume of content online, even brilliant content needs to fight for visibility. The most effective content promotion strategies leverage best practices from both marketing and public relations to reach larger, relevant audiences.

Creating and distributing content takes both time and money, so it is important that you are getting the highest return on investment for your efforts. By using a combination of PR and content marketing tactics, you produce more valuable content that improves your content’s reach and engagement levels.
Marketing and communications industries are evolving daily: your strategy should adapt to emerging trends and diversify as new opportunities arise.