What Law Firm Execs should know about Web Design

Although design is strongly associated with creativity, art and visual appeal, in a world driven by digital communication it takes on a more business-orientated role. In the context of your firm’s digital branding and communication, design is an essential component of marketing success.

Attention is one of the internet’s most valuable commodities. Without good design it’s impossible to capture an audience as soon as they land on your firm’s page. Compelling content remains so only until it’s the norm - ability to stay ahead of the content curve can be a consistent challenge. This is why design is such an important contributor to engaging the user, making them much more influenced by your messaging.

Design also has a significant impact on establishing credibility. User Experience is paramount - a cluttered, outdated site that offers no value or interest to your visitor, especially if your web site is not optimised for mobile, doesn’t communicate your firm’s professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence. Your site should be a striking first, and lasting impression, communicating your brand values in a way that resonates with potential clients. Absolutely avoid passé industry cliches - gavels, scales, wigs are definitely not the best design representation of integrity and trust!

So where’s the commercial benefit? Design plays a key role in usability, making it easy for people to find the information they’re looking for. Use data insights to optimise your design and content, working together to influence engagement and conversion. Understand your visitor’s intent and provide appropriate content that serves where they are in the buying cycle. 

Great design captures your audience and sets the tone for their entire experience. Your web site says a lot about your brand, use it to effectively empower marketing your law firm.

There's no doubt that the legal industry is progressively adapting to digital technology, creating fantastic marketing opportunities for law firms. If you'd like a review of your firm's digital properties, or need advice on how to improve engagement across your web site and social media channels, you can get in touch here.